While browsing online…

As I started the process of preparing for my son’s very UN-traditional Bar Mitzvah, browsing online for venues, DJ’s, catering and various other elements I came across this gem for Wyndham Hotel

Bar And Bat Mitzvah Planning
Without All The Schvitzing…

With your child’s 13th birthday quickly approaching, it’s time to plan his or her bar or bat mitzvah. And with all of the important preparations for the actual ceremony, the process of planning a party on top of it all is the furthest thing from your mind. Where should the reception be held? How do you decide on the proper menu? What about decorations? Games? Entertainment? Do the countless details have you screaming “Oy ve”? Surely, the fact that your child is about to turn into an official teenager is stress enough in itself! Let Wyndham Hotels and Resorts put an end to all the “schvitzing and kvetching.” Our experienced staff will help you select the best facility, arrange for kosher catering, and book rooms for your out-of-town guests. With Wyndham by your side every step of the way, they’ll be plenty of reasons to dance the “Horah” at your child’s “coming-of-age” celebration, including:

Bar Mitzvahs

Looking for great party ideas for boys, but not getting any guidance from your son? Themes are a great way to ensure a memorable evening. Set the action and excitement in motion around sports, embark on an out-of-this world Star Wars adventure, or light up the party with a video-game extravaganza. Or host a traditional celebration, where the colorful personalities on your guest list are just about all the entertainment you need. Having your festivities at Wyndham ensures the best of both worlds – a spectacular and special celebration for your son, and smooth and easy planning for you.

Bat Mitzvahs

Does your daughter already have fanciful ideas for her dream bat mitzvah picked out? If not, host it with the creative style and flair of her favorite movie, simulate an around-the-world vacation, or make it glitz-and-glamour night. Let our caring staff fashion the perfect tribute to your not-so-little girl. With Wyndham’s help, your daughter will wish she could have a bat mitzvah every year!

Discover just how easy it is to plan and host your next bar or bat mitzvah – with Wyndham as your experienced guide. Use our online request form to tell us exactly what you need, and we’ll make it happen. It’s that simple!

And this is what I wrote in their ‘Contact Us for more information’ page:

Dear Morons, a.k.a. Wyndham Representatives:

While looking for a venue for my son’s upcoming not-so-taditional Bar Mitzvah, I happen to come upon this brilliant website. At first I thought it was a joke, but quickly realized that this was a very real Wyndham hotels webpage.

Here are some tips if you do in fact hope to get ANY Jews to hold their Bar or Bat Mitzvah at your hotels:

1. Oye Vay is spelled Oye Vay, NOT Oy Ve.
2. When trying to appeal to the Jewish population, it helps NOT to put every Yiddish phrase in “quotes”, as you eloquently do so in the whole “Religious Events” page.
For some strange reason, when seeing quotes around the words Horah, coming of age celebration, kvetching and shvitsing it almost seems as if you are laughing as you write it. But that couldn’t be, right? You would never make fun of the Jews, could you?
3. The use of the above mentioned words, along with other Yiddish phrases are strictly given to Jews only! But you already knew that, right? I am sure the webmaster is a Jew therefore gives him every right to use such rhetorical and condescending language.
4. When trying to get on the good side of the Jewish population by inviting them to hold their sacred, religious events at your hotels, it really helps to make fun of their whole culture and religious events! That will bring them out by the masses to your venue, I guarantee it.
5. Whichever Moron wrote and put together your website, and I am sure it wasn’t just one, I’d like to congratulate him or her because you just made my day!

Way to go, Idiots!


Julia Bendis

And to read more, please visit my website at: easternblocklox.wordpress.com or


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