The ladies of The View and Hasselbeck

Is it just me or is the show, ‘The View’ going down the hill?  The last couple of years it seems that the show has gotten a lot more hostile than in the past…  They have great guests on the show, and their topics are pretty relevant but its the hosts that bug me the most.  Not all of them, mainly the blond, bitter, and very angry 70-year-old woman trapped in the body of Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

How could a 33-year old person be filled with so much anger, resentment and bitterness?  Every time, I tune in to the show and listen to her speak I can’t help but want to scream at her: “Chill out, loosen up, take a breath, relax woman.”  She is constantly arguing, yelling and trying to prove her point.  Granted there are three or four other women to compete for air time with, but come on!  Every single conversation, every topic becomes a yelling match with her.  It’s like she is trying to over-compensate for her young age or something.

Hasselbeck has to always be right, with every single topic.  Does she ever listen?  Sure, she seems to sit there and pretend to listen while the others are speaking but the whole time you hear her trying to get a word in.  How can a young person be so radically Republican and a conservative?  Aren’t most young people just want peace, love and equality?  How badly was she damaged during her childhood that she has to turn so conservative?  I really would love to try and have a conversation with her, I doubt it would be anything more than a monologue though…  Who hired her to be on the View anyway?

She really needs to pull that stick out of her butt, take a Xanax and try having sex once in a while.  It will do her body good, not to mention put that anger into a coma for a little while.  Again, just my opinion…

Schwarzenegger vs. Medvedev

Reading the newspaper the other day, I couldn’t help but notice an article about the Russian President Dimitry Medvedev and Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Apparently, the two have become quite fond of each other, and as recently as last week even Tweeted about it.

Here are my issues with that.  Its not enough that our wonderful “Governator” ruined the State of California, made our budget crisis even bigger, took funds away from schools and gave it to prisons, but now he is planning to do “business” with the Russian President?  Russian government is already corrupt, and morally disfigured.  It sure does not need another idiot like Schwarzenegger meddling with its economy, and trying to “go into business” with its President.  Am I wrong?  No, I am not.

What could those two possibly have in common?  Well, apparently they are making a “play date” to go skiing together as well as Schwarzenegger helping Medvedev in creating Russia’s own Silicone Valley.  Is it just me, or does that seem a bit odd?  What the hell does “Governator” know about the tech world?  Or for that matter, what does he know about the business world?  Just because you used to make action films, have a famous wife, and have dabbled in some home purchases over the years, does not make you an expert on building a Tech Empire!  He really should learn how to speak and write first.  Have you listened to some of his so-called speeches?  He can’t even formulate a sentence, without going off on some random tangent.  For example, a few months ago he was supposed to be speaking about our education, and changes that were being made.  Do you know what he started talking about?  He went on and on about his Mother and Father, and how they always “kiss and hug me when I was a little boy in Austria.  Even when we went out to the field, they always kiss and hug, kiss and hug, always.  Before we went to school, they kiss and hug, kiss and hug.  Today, parents don’t kiss and hug their kids.  My parents always kiss and hug all of us, always kiss and hug.”  You have to read it with a big Austrian/German accent for better result!

For the next ten minutes that’s all he talked about.  Someone from his staff finally whispered into his ear, and he went on to another topic.  I swear that guy is the last person you want “building” anything with!

And what is it with Russians being so enamored by American movie stars, especially the old ones, the ones that haven’t made anything in the past decade?  The older, the better…  I really don’t get that friendship.  Is there something there that I don’t see?