Another intelligent citizen…

Thinking that I’ve heard everything under the sun when it comes to Russia, its people and culture… today I heard another clever one.  A woman actually told me that I couldn’t possibly be Russian because I’m a brunette, and according to her- ALL Russian people have blond hair and blue eyes…

What does one say to such wisdom?  I tried to go with it for awhile, asking her where she heard such accurate information and how could it possibly be that a whole country is made up of only blonde people…  She kept arguing and insisting that I must be coloring my naturally blond hair, to which I kept repeating over and over again that no, in fact I do not color my hair.  After a few minutes of this nonsense, I just walked away while she was in mid-sentence.  At some point, you just have to walk away.


2 thoughts on “Another intelligent citizen…

  1. That’s funny because I’m Russian too but thanks to Genghis Khan most of our population has Asian features. Someone also told me a few months ago that because I’m from Bashkortostan, I’m not ‘really’ Russian as ‘Russians’ are purely white and my region has Asian Russians.
    Go figure.

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