Katie Holmes escapes and on the loose!

It’s not WHY Katie Holmes filed for divorce. The bigger question is HOW she got out of the house long enough to run to court and file for divorce? And even bigger question is why didn’t Tom’s scientology security team catch her sneaking out of the house, and tackle her to the ground before she got outside of the compound? This kind of thing should have never happened, and with proper precautions set in place by his top security personnel, tougher brainwashing and occasional physical violence would NOT have happened!
Tom Cruise, I sure hope you learned your lesson this time, this is the second time your wives were able to break free… Not good Tom, not good at all!


2 thoughts on “Katie Holmes escapes and on the loose!

  1. Who gives a you know what about Katie Holmes. I’d put Paris Hilton and LiLo way way above stupid idiot careerless Holmes. She’s never had a serious career and she’s not a serious talent. And as far as Tom… maybe he’ll finally quit this stupid manic charade on how wonderful his life is and admit he likes d*ck instead of just acting like one.

    Long live the Queen

  2. syds180turn…..Katie did not get anything in the divorce, only child support, she had signed a pre-nup and so did Nicole. This is Tom’s third divorce……I think there is something wrong with Tom. scientology is a wierd cult.

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