Another Julia saying…

It’s hotter than a Mother effing elephant in here!


One thought on “Another Julia saying…

  1. While this is kind of an amusing read, I could tell it was going downhill the moment I read that Mars was the first “real” concert after a bunch of kiddie stuff. I’m also going to guess you would have enjoyed it more if you hadn’t happened to go to one of the few shows where the latest music video was shown. No, sexual content isn’t everyone’s thing. But neither is 30 Seconds To Mars. Yeah, Jared can ramble on at times, but I’ll take someone trying to engage the crowd and make them feel a part of it than a band that virtually ignores the crowd, as quite a lot do. All in all I think it was the wrong show for you at the wrong time. I’ll bet if you went to another you’ll find yourself (and your son) to have a better time. Who knows, your son might even end up on stage if Jared spots him. The last show I was at Jared picked a boy out of the balcony who was probably about your son’s age to come on stage and play drums with Shannon during “Kings & Queens.” The band loves their kid fans, just like they love their older fans, and everyone in between.

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