I made it!

I made it!  Well, sort of…  During the first day of my kids’ summer break, I happened to look at the clock and to my surprise see that I made it past 4 p.m.  Not only did I make it through the first official day of what’s known to most Moms as ‘what the hell am I going to do with my annoying children all effing summer long, without killing or selling them?’, but I also made it through their first official fight of summer break without trying to kill MYSELF!  That’s an even bigger accomplishment.

I was very proud of myself for about five minutes, until I realized that I have about 90+ days to go…  Crap!  Working outside of the home is starting to sound a lot more appealing during the summer months.  Checking myself into a Rehab facility is also appealing.  Wonder if they have some kind of a “summer camp” version for Moms who need a break from their kids without the therapy and the whole working-on-your-alcohol-drug-problem program?



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