Kmart Layaway… Genious

You know you’ve watched way too much television with your kids this summer when you start to pay attention to commercials…  During yet another “Big Time Rush” marathon, I noticed a Kmart commercial.  No, I didn’t pay extra attention to it because it was Kmart but rather WHAT they were advertising.  They were talking about Kmart Layaway program…

Maybe its just me, but why does Kmart need layaway?  Are we in that much of a crappy economy that people need help paying for a $4 T-shirt?  How much time do you need to pay for that, a week, a month?  I can picture it now: “Yes, I’d like to put this shirt on layaway.  I will give you a dollar now, come back next week and give you fifty cents, and by Christmas I can finally pick it up and pay the rest of it off!”

Shouldn’t a place like Bloomingdale’s and Saks Fifth Avenue have layaway instead?  Wouldn’t THAT make more sense, especially when a cotton wife-beater costs more than my car payment over there… Can you imagine what life would be like if every store, restaurant, Doctor’s office and retail place had layaway: “Yes, I am only going to pay for what I’ve eaten, but next week I will come back, pay and pick up the rest of my dinner from today.”

Alright, I’ll stop dreaming now and go back to the real world.  The world where there’s Kmart layaway and $300 underpants at Saks.


4 thoughts on “Kmart Layaway… Genious

  1. Kmart has more than just “$4 T-shirts”. For some families stores like Kmart is the only option when it comes to purchasing more expensive items such as electronics around the holidays…..I don’t know what world you live in but yes our economy is that “crappy”. The unemployment rate is at an all time high, and bills don’t stop coming just because you loose your job, and kids are always in need of something…so yes layaway at Kmart is a huge help for some people

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