More Facts, Questions and Things I Will Never Understand or Have Answers To.

  1. Why Oh why do people insist on asking how you are doing, when they don’t plan on listening to the answer?  Just say “Hello” and keep walking!  But don’t ask people how they are, and then interrupt them mid-sentence to tell them how late you are and need to run!
  2. Why is it that THESE days before kids can go on any play-date, you have to do a background and criminal check on the parents first?
  3. Why do people waste money on Therapists when all you have to do to “De-Stress” yourself is sit, and pet your dog for an hour?
  4. Instead of calling someone back why do people E-MAIL instead?  If I wanted to e-mail you, I would have emailed you on the first place!  Yes, I know sometimes I’ve done it too, but only if its way too late to call and I always call back the next day.  If I call you, that means I want you to call me back, not e-mail, or text or Instant Message me!
  5. Why do people come up with excuses for not being able to do one’s job instead of just admitting that they are lazy?  It would save so much valuable time!
  6. While driving around, I always make a mental note and try to remember locations and names of random stores, restaurants and specialty shops!  For example, for years now I have been telling myself to remember this shop that sells all kinds of Uniforms, e.g. for Nurses, Doctors, vets, etc…  Why?  I have no idea.  Just in case one day I decide to become a Medical Nurse and need to know where to get the Uniform…
  7. What is the difference between verbal gossip, and spreading rumors in person versus what you read online?  How is one different from the other?  One is verbal gossip and the other is written gossip.  Is there a difference?
  8. Why is it when I order chicken with noodles at a restaurant, every once in a while I also get a few pieces of rice in there or some other food that I didn’t order, and which doesn’t belong?  Its almost like they were making my food along with someone else’s and I got a part of it!  What if they were making fish for the other guy, isn’t that cross-contamination?  If I order noodles, I want noodles.  I don’t want bits of rice in there too!
  9. Why do people always complement on the clothes you are wearing, instead of how you look?  I didn’t make the shirt, I just picked it out.  Don’t tell me you like it, tell me you like my taste or how I look in that shirt.  That makes more sense.  You like the shirt, go tell it to the manufacturer!
  10. And last but not least…  Why are people so inconsiderate when out in public?  If you have a cart full of groceries, but there is a person behind you that has two items, don’t be a jerk and let that person go in front of you!  Its not going to kill you, trust me.

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