Oh Sarah Palin, what nonsense fell out of your mouth now…

Before I start, I’d just like to acknowledge that apparently, or should I say allegedly Sarah Palin’s knowledge of American history came from her misguided ten-year-old daughter.  That or she was raised by wolves in the forest.  That is the only explanation that I could find to her unapologetic statements about Paul Revere the other day.  Even I, someone who was raised in the Communist Soviet Union where you learned history based upon what the government wanted you to know not what really happened, also learned about Paul Revere’s warning calls to the Patriots.

After checking with my fifth grader, it was confirmed that they are still teaching that Revere’s midnight ride and warning calls were in fact to the American Patriots, not to the British soldiers.  As I have tried to come up with reasons and excuses for why this poor, ignorant woman would make such claims, this is what I’ve come up with:

1.  Palin is just plain stupid.  And as my grandma used to say:  “You can fix anything, but you just can’t fix stupid no matter how hard you try.”

2.  Sarah Palin has invented her own version of American and Republican history.

3.  Palin is really a genius who purposely creates material for Saturday Night Live, so she can claim success of the show as her own.

4.  She is undercover for Comedy Central.

5.  Nope, she is just plain stupid.

6.  She was the only one to come out of her igloo to vote herself into the Governor’s office, therefore she has to be right.

7.  In America, if you don’t have the brains but got the looks, it gives you the right to make up your own version of history.

8.  Nope, just plain stupid.

9.  She can see Russia from her house!

10.  This excerpt from the Katie Couric interview explains it all: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRkWebP2Q0Y&feature=related

Do we really expect anything different from a woman who can’t name a single newspaper, and claims that she knows foreign policy based on the fact that she lives “next door” to Russia, therefore can “spy” on them?


4 thoughts on “Oh Sarah Palin, what nonsense fell out of your mouth now…

  1. lmao … I go with all 10 with emphasis on #2 and #4. BTW, is the pic really of Palin or is it photoplasty? I’m asking because I can’t believe she’s wearing a bikini and toting a rifle. A scary, absurd image.

    • If that pic isn’t photoshoped, then it makes me wonder how this country (or the news media) ever thought she was a contender for any kind of political office. I still hold to the belief that those in office should retain a modicum of dignity. Wearing a bikini and holding a rifle isn’t dignified … such a fashion faux pas to boot … firearms don’t go with bikinis.

      CCC: Just leave a comment that you want to join and I’ll add your link on the CCC page 🙂 You’ll be a great addition to the club … you have sooooo much to say!

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