Breast is Best, give me a break!

Apparently, there is a new study out that specifically links breast-fed babies with a better behavior when they are four or five years old, than those that weren’t breast-fed.  Are you kidding me?  Of course breast-feeding your child is good for them, we all know that by now.  Do you really have to push poor, sleep-deprived Mothers into nursing even more when all they want is to pass the screaming devil onto someone else so they can get a solid two hours of sleep?  What about those that are not able to nurse for whatever reason?  Not only do they already feel like crap for not being able to breast-feed, but now they have yet another reason to feel guilty about it.  Their child will be a Monster compared to the Angel from down the street, who was breast-fed for a year…

Might as well tell Moms that don’t nurse their kids that they are terrible parents!  Who the hell are these people conducting such studies, and haven’t we gotten enough already?  Yes, we all know how great Mother’s breast milk is, enough already.  Don’t these so-called scientist have better research to conduct, for example cure Cancer, Tuberculosis, or Tay-Sachs disease?

My children were both nursed for a very brief period of time, a month at most, yet they are both completely different.  One is easy-going, laid back and relaxed.  The other is full of excitement and energy.  So what do you say to that, Mr. Scientist?  I hope one of you researchers reads this, and explains to me why you waste government and private funds on something we already know.  Don’t you think if we could all nurse our babies, we would?  Stop giving us more things to feel guilty about!


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