Date Night Phenomenon?

I had to write about this phenomenon called ‘Date Night’.  Every couple I know has date nights where they spend an evening away from home, kids, pets, etc, while throwing money away doing it…  Only in America do people label every activity including a simple night out with their partner.  Everywhere else in the world its just known as ‘going out’!  Why do people need to schedule quality time with their significant other?  What’s wrong with just spending time when you feel like spending time with that person?  What if I don’t feel like spending quality, alone time with my partner on that particular Wednesday penciled-in on the calendar?  What if I feel like doing that on a Monday, but oh wait its not on the calendar for Monday… therefore I have to wait til Wednesday.  Absolutely moronic…

More importantly, when you’ve been together for many years, have children, pets and other responsibilities together, who the hell cares about date night?  All ‘date night’ really means is that at the end of it, the man is hoping his wife is drunk and relaxed enough to actually have sex with him!  And the woman just wants a night off.  So the way I see it is this: Men, go wash your kids dirty butts, put them to bed, clean the dishes, put away the laundry, while your woman relaxes on the couch with a beer.  I guarantee you won’t need to spend money on a sitter and fancy dinner for her to put out!  She might even surprise you with something she hasn’t done since you were dating, trust me on this.  Now go do it, and get back to me with the results.


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