Sarah Palin must be so proud-Bristol is cashing in!

While reading the newspaper, I stumbled upon an article talking about Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol.  Apparently, being an unwed teenage Mother in this country really pays off!  Bristol was named an Ambassador of Candie’s Foundation to speak and spread awareness about being a teenage Mom.  She raked in approximately $262,000 in 2009.  God knows how much more she is making now.  I am no expert, but doesn’t it seem a bit hypocritical to reward a teenager for having unprotected sex, getting pregnant, and having a baby when she should be earning an education instead of changing diapers?

What has America become?  How messed up of a country is this that rewards bad behavior with money?  So, instead of punishing their bad behavior, Bristol gets thousands of dollars to be the spokesperson for teenage pregnancy, while her sexual partner Levi Johnston gets a paid spread in “Playgirl” magazine, amongst others.

I am not saying that Bristol shouldn’t be taking advantage of those opportunities when they are presented, but how can companies feel good about what they are paying her for?  What a great example she is to the teenage girls in this country!   Kids out there should aspire to be like her, which apparently is not that hard to do.  All you have to do is have unprotected sex, get pregnant, have the baby and money will just roll right in.

Sarah Palin must be so proud of the daughter she raised.  If only she had kept a tighter leash, Bristol would have never been an out of wedlock teenager Mother making a six-figure salary, speaking to kids everywhere about the dangers of unprotected and underage sex.  Oh wait, there are no dangers, there are only rewards.

So, all you kids out there feel free to follow in Bristol Palin’s footsteps, she is the Ambassador of Candie’s which makes her very trustworthy, and someone to look up to.


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