Valentine’s Day peep show

I really don’t like Valentine’s Day!  I hate everything about it, the stupid, corny Hallmark cards, the over-priced flowers, the overcrowded restaurants, the need to out-do each other with pricey gifts, etc…  I am not saying that we shouldn’t show our love for the people in our lives, but why do we have to do it on February 14th, and spend a fortune while we are at it?  Shouldn’t we be doing it every day of the year?  Why do Americans become like herds of cattle on Valentine’s Day, all going in the same direction, to the same stores, buying the same flowers and jewelry?

See all of this presents a small problem for the man married to me.  He actually likes Valentine’s Day!  I know, very strange.  My husband can be very romantic and creative when he wants to be, and since every year I beg him not to spend any money on this ridiculous holiday, he decided to go a little crazy this year.  We haven’t done anything much the last few years, so I was in for a big surprise.  All I knew was that we were going overnight somewhere, the kids were going to Grandma’s and I was to pack a nice dress and a swimsuit.  No, wait he said a bikini.  I think the man forgets I haven’t owned a bikini in about ten years.  On top of it, its February, who in their right mind is going swimming?  But, I promised that I was going to go along with it, and started packing.

He took me to the beautiful Laguna Cliffs Resort and Spa in Dana Point, CA.  I’ve been to Dana Point many times, but have no clue how I’ve never seen this Resort before, I didn’t even know it existed!  Not only was this place beautiful, but the service was even better.  What I found out later was that my husband got there the day before, had brought over roses, champagne, my favorite See’s chocolates and a necklace for the hotel to lay out in the room.  The Manager was so touched by his thoughtfulness, she threw in complimentary breakfast and use of their Spa.  Everything was going great, I was overjoyed by my husbands’ creativity, and he was very pleased with himself for pulling it off.  We were both taking pleasure in the peace and quiet that comes with not having children around, especially during our romantic dinner and breakfast over looking the Harbor.

Feeling a bit guilty that we couldn’t share this beautiful resort with our kids, and wanting to take full advantage of the price tag that came with this gorgeous hotel, we decided to have my parents bring the kids over the next day.  As the kids splashed around in the heated pool, I sat on my behind and did nothing.  That’s a new activity for me: doing absolutely nothing.  And of course, having a bladder the size of a peanut, I ventured out to find the closest restroom.  All three of my boys get extremely annoyed whenever we have to stop our activities to find me a restroom.  I tried to explain to them that when you carry a giant baby for nine months in your belly, then have to push that giant baby out of your stomach, it leaves you with an invalid for a bladder.  For some reason that explanation did not make them feel sorry for me, but thank their lucky stars that they are not girls.

Here is where this story gets interesting.  They had one of those “family” restrooms next to the pool.  As I closed the door, I realized that there was no way to lock it.  It was missing a lock.  Having no modesty, I didn’t really care about someone walking in on me.  So, I wasn’t at all surprised when someone was fumbling with the doorknob trying to open it.  I told them to hold their horses, as I was almost done, thinking they will wait.  Nope, he didn’t wait.  I know he heard me, yet there he was standing in the door frozen in time staring at me.  It was a good 30 seconds before he finally snapped out of it, said ‘sorry’ and left.  But not before taking a good look.

The funny thing is that I don’t even care about some stranger seeing me half naked.  All I care about is WHY he wouldn’t stop staring, and what’s with that look on his face?  Did my huge c-section scar scare him off?  I can’t tell you how great it was to go back to the pool, and having to sit across from that guy for an hour.  What a wonderful Valentine’s weekend it was.  Oh well, at least we got free breakfast and a great view from our room…



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