Decals on my car-don’t want any…

Does having a decal of children, dogs and your entire family on your car make you a better Mom?  And more importantly, does NOT having one make me a bad Mom?

I was pondering that question as I sat in traffic on the 405 freeway the other day.  As usual, I was stuck behind a Minivan with one of those stickers on the back window.  You know which ones I am talking about!  There is a stick figure of a man, a stick figure of a woman in a skirt, a smaller girl/child stick figure, a boy stick figure, a baby stick figure, a couple of dog stick figures and of course a cat.  Those are usually on the left side of the back window.  On the right side of the window, there is typically some kind of a decal/sticker for whatever sports league, or high school team the kid is playing on.  We are all so happy for you and your kid!

I am still waiting to see if I can find a Minivan with the Two-Mother decal on the back window, next to the children, or Two-Fathers.  I’d be happy with either one to tell the truth.  I hardly doubt that I will ever see that in Orange County.  I asked my husband if I could get one of those Two-Mother decals on my anti-Minivan.  His response wasn’t what I had hoped: “Don’t you think our neighbors, friends, and teachers already think we are weird enough?  I am pretty sure the home-made ‘No on Prop 8’ signs were enough of a clue that we are a bunch of Liberals. ”  Good point babe!

But seriously, does the fact that I don’t want any of that crap on my car make me a bad parent?  I don’t want to display my entire family in cartoon stick figures on the back of my window!  If anything, I would get the Two-Mother decal just to see the reaction on people’s faces when they drive past me.  It doesn’t mean that I don’t love my kids or my dog or my husband.  I guess I just don’t understand the point of publicly displaying a known fact that MOST Mothers love their kids…

Although, I do have one sticker on the back of my car.  Its my Latvia decal.  I only put it there to watch as the drivers behind me pulling their necks out, trying to figure out what the hell Latvia is and what it means.  A few years ago, I actually had a Mother come up to me in a parking lot asking what Soccer league that was and where she could find it!?!?  Moron.

Here is my point: we all know you got kids, we all know you love your kids, but not all of us want to graffiti our cars with decals of our kids, dogs, cats and other animals.  Just my opinion…


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