Idiots amongst us

Here it comes, I am just going to dive right in.

What is it with most Americans and names?  I get that here in the U.S., people like to automatically shorten others’ names.  Jonathan becomes John, Jennifer is automatically a Jen or Jenny.  Do you people not understand that when we introduce ourselves as a “Jennifer”, it means we would like you to call us by that name?  You know that same name we just introduced ourselves with.  Not Jen or Jenny or J!  After a certain age, let’s say fifteen, calling someone Debbie is just plain wrong, it ain’t cute.

What about those that insist on calling me Julie?!?!  It’s almost like their brain shuts down after reading J-U-L-I and automatically shortens my name to a Julie.  Are you that much of an idiot that you can’t take another second to read my full name?  Do you seriously NOT see the “A” at the end of it?  What makes me mad the most are the people that I email, and they reply with a “Hello Julie”.  Not only did I sign my name as JULIA, but my email address has my full name.  How the hell do you miss that?  It is spelled out for you right there in the address field, you moron.

You would not believe what teachers in school used to call me.  Every time they would take attendance, they would get to my name and it was always something different.  Sometimes they would call out Julie, sometimes it was Julianne, Julianna, even Julien, as in a boy’s name!  And these are our Educators that are teaching our children, who themselves can’t even read ones’ name?  At first, I used to correct them each time, but when the same teacher would call me Julie for the third time that week, I just stopped raising my hand.  Instead, I would sit there saying: “Nope, try again”, making them repeat it over and over again until they finally got it right.  Did I mention that I used to get kicked out of class a lot too?  Who knew that teachers, and professors don’t like to be corrected?

I haven’t even gotten to my last name yet!  My maiden name is Beynart.  Can you imagine what the teachers called me?  Beiner, Binard, Beyhart, everything but my name.  I got so sick of it one day, I actually yelled at one of the teachers during my Senior year in high school.  Guess what happened after?  Yeap, I sat out in the hall for the rest of the class, which was totally fine with me.  I’d rather do that than listen to a half-moron lecture about our government any day.

And last, but not least I cannot stand when people give me the: “Oh well, it is what it is” line.  What the hell is that?  No, its not what it is, its called crap.  Its called: you made a stupid decision, you are an idiot, and now you have to live with it.  It is not OK, it is not how life is.  Its how YOU are!  You are an uneducated, ignorant prick who messed up, but doesn’t want to take responsibility for it!  Most 3-year-olds know that every action has a consequence that follows.

What about this line: “I am who I am”.  What does that mean?  Oh wait, I get it.  That means that if you are jerk, as long as you keep using that line to whoever you were a jerk to, you can continue being a jerk!  Or it means that whenever you mess up, you can just throw out that line and all will be forgotten, and forgiven.  What kind of make-believe world are we living in?


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