Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes

I really don’t understand what’s all the bruhaha about!  Why is everyone so upset with Ricky Gervais, and his performance at the Golden Globes?  Last time I checked, Ricky Gervais was a Comedian, and the Golden Globes committee hired him to host the show knowing that he is a Comedian, right?  I am pretty sure they also knew that he is British, as well as his comedic style and sense of humor, right?  It doesn’t just change overnight.  He did the same thing last year as well.  People, what is the big deal?  I could be totally wrong about this, but I am pretty sure that Comedians are supposed to make people laugh, make fun of people, things and events, especially actors and celebrities.  So, when Ricky made fun of celebrities at the Golden Globes for their own stupid behavior, was that not funny?  I thought it was.  People are saying that it was inappropriate and tasteless, but I couldn’t agree with that less!  I think he was dead on, and furthermore funnier than every other host of that show or any awards show altogether!  Jon Stewart tried it, and was funny but not edgy enough for my taste.  Ellen DeGeneres was so-so, staying on neutral subjects and trying not to cross the line.  That’s not comedy, that’s censorship.  I want outrageous, tasteless, edgy, hysterical, dark humor!  I don’t think I am alone in that.

Are we not supposed to laugh at the stupid lives of these so-called celebrities?  Are we not supposed to laugh at their lavish lifestyles, multiple nannies, housekeepers, chefs, and personal trainers to make their lives “easier”, only to find them unable to manage their personal lives, get arrested over and over for public intoxication, driving drunk, hurt those around them, and finally end up in jail or rehab?  Of course we are supposed to laugh at that.  How else are they ever going to learn?

I absolutely loved seeing the actors faces when he was talking about them, it was priceless.  Priceless, I tell you!  Talking about the characters in the Tourist movie being 2-dimensional was genius, not tacky.  Even I had to take a moment to think about that one, and you know that’s a good joke if that happens.  What about his introduction of Robert Downey Jr.?  Yes, it was crude but so what?  Downey is constantly making fun of himself.  For instance, a few minutes before the show started, as he was walking down the red carpet he made an obscene joke to a reporter about his drinking and rehab days.

If the guy can make fun of himself, he can definitely take a joke from a comedian.  All of them can, they are not called Public figures for nothing!

So all of you straight arrows out there, take a chill pill (does anyone say that anymore?), buy yourself some sense of humor, and laugh a little!


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