Random, very random…

As I was visiting my kids’ Pediatrician the other day, again, I thought about how often I am in there.  Is it strange that I am on a first name basis with the front desk staff, or that I know more about what’s going on in their life than I need to know?  Speaking of knowing too much about people’s lives, why is it that I always have to start a conversation with random strangers?  It’s almost a disease with me, I cannot sit across from someone in a waiting room and NOT start a conversation!  At the same Pediatrician’s office I start talking with a mom after hearing her kids’ horrible cough.  After five minutes, I know way too much information!  I know where this woman lives, how many kids she has, the schools they attend, how annoying her husband is, etc…

Most people are happy and content to sit quietly, enjoying their magazine or playing on their phone.  Not me, I am neither content nor happy until I have made at least one friend with the people in the waiting room, or as my friends would say: “annoy the hell out of at least one person in the waiting room”.   My brother calls it “the gift of gab”.  The rest of my family calls it being annoying and nosy.  I like my brother’s version better.

This Pediatrician I speak of is the same one that I gave my blog’s website to, so she could check out my shtick.  Why would I want my kids’ Doctor reading about useless information, random vents and my kids adventures in the bathroom, you ask?  Beats me.  I probably shouldn’t be telling her that there are days when I lock myself in the bathroom with a bottle of Jack either, but I do.  Yes, I agree most sane and rational Mothers wouldn’t share that kind of information, but I’d like to think that my Pediatrician and I have developed a good rapport by now.  I tell her the bad and the ugly, and she tells me that they all grow up normal eventually.  I tell her about the drinking at four in the afternoon, and she laughs her head off.  I ask her if my family’s mental instability has possibly transferred into my children, and she tells me to wash those thoughts away with a good bottle of Merlot.  I am more of a vodka straight up kind of a gal, but that will do.

See, she is a great Doctor, every Mother should have one like her.  She doesn’t judge, or threaten to call Child Protective Services.  Well, not yet.  I am sure after reading some of my material, it might change…


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