The joys of car dealerships and my Father.

Being at a car dealership this weekend, to finally get the recalled part on my car fixed, reminded me how much I truly enjoy car dealerships.  Not only do I NOT mind haggling with the salesmen on a price, I look forward to it.   After all, I am my father’s daughter.  That same father that took me to a Saturn dealership for my first car, not just any car, my dream car.  I wanted the two-door, sports coupe, with a sun-roof, a back spoiler and in a bright red color!  I didn’t get either, but we got a killer deal on a Gold-colored sedan…  Here is a little how the haggling went down:

Salesman: The total for this car, with tax and license will be $10,000.

My Dad: I will give you $5,000!

Salesman: Sir, we don’t negotiate on the sales price.  Saturn dealerships have already low set prices.

My Dad: I tell you what I am going to do.  I am going to write you a check for $5,000.  We are going to get some lunch,  and when we get back, you will have the car all washed and ready for us.

Salesman: Sir, like I JUST said, we do not negotiate on the price.  I will give you some time to think about this.

As he walks away, my Father stands up to leave.  At 16, my world is about to come crashing down on me!  I can’t believe I will walk out of yet another dealership without a car.  I beg my dad to come back, and promise to pay for my own insurance, gas and anything else that he wants.  At that point, I didn’t care how far from my dream this car was, I just wanted A car, any car.  We go back.

Salesman: Oh, good you decided to take the car!

My Dad: Yes, I will take the car, but I am not paying for taxes and license!

Salesman: Sir, the law requires for you to pay the taxes and registration fees on the car.  There is nothing I can do about it.

My Dad: You can pay the tax and registration for me.

Salesman: Um, no I can’t.  That’s the buyers responsibility.  Sir, do you want the car or not?  I work on commission, and I have already spent half the day with you…

My Dad: Well, there you go!  You can pay for my taxes and registration out of the commission that you will make from me buying this car!

Salesman: Sir, I don’t make that much…  But, let me see what I can do.

So after about 6 hours at the dealership, we finally walked out with a car.  My dad beaming from ear to ear, the salesman pissed off, and me learning a valuable lesson.  I learned that if you just sit there long enough, push your price on them long enough, in the end you WILL wear them down!  See, what the sales people don’t understand is that I have all the time in the world to sit there and haggle with them.  The more time they spend on me, means less money they make that day…  I have no problem sitting there, eating their free cookies, drinking their free sodas and coffee!  I can make a picnic out of it, bring the kids with their annoying, loud toys, squeaking animals, and have them empty out the whole vending machine.  We can have breakfast, lunch and dinner there.  All I have to do is give my kids the signal to be annoying, and the whole showroom will be empty in a matter of seconds.

My kids are talented that way, they can go from cute to annoying within a matter of a few seconds.  It really comes in handy when you want people to do things your way, especially at the Doctor’s offices.  But… that’s a whole other article.  Stay tuned for that.


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