Buy your cuddly diseases before they sell out!

Maybe its just me, but what’s wrong with this picture?  There is a Medical company in Connecticut that started selling stuffed plush microbes, bacteria and viruses.  Yes, I said bacteria and viruses.  The plush toys are exact replicas of what a real microbe looks like.  There is a pretty yellow star that is supposed to be Herpes, and a feminine looking Mononucleosis virus, also known as the kissing disease, with some beautiful long eyelashes!
They also sell the same cuddly organisms as Christmas tree ornaments, can you imagine that?

I can completely understand how medical students may have good use for these, but the general public?  What the hell do we gain from buying these microbes?  I can even understand using them to educate children about the effects of proper hand-washing, and safe sex, but other than that… what are we supposed to do with them?  The way I see it, the only thing it would do is the complete opposite of what this company wants!  Looking at these pretty, cuddly and fluffy toys will glorify these diseases, OK so maybe not glorify but make them seem less harmful than they really are!  Am I wrong?

Who in their right mind decided to sell these “Toys” to the public?  Who came up with the genius idea of making replicas of deadly diseases and viruses???  What else is even more interesting to me, is who are the regular people that are buying them?  I mean, besides the health educators, medical personnel, etc…


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