Color Me Mine!

What’s a mother of boys to do during the 2-week Winter break?  After days of wrestling, fighting, video game playing, and countless hours of television, I decided to take my boys to “Color Me Mine” for some ceramic painting.  I’ve done it before myself, but my boys never showed interest in either coloring or ceramic making.  They are more of a physical activity type kids.  The more running and screaming, the better!  I had always pictured mothers with their perfect little girls, dressed in pink and red dresses, with their beautiful long tresses in bows, sitting quietly and painting flowers.  So when I mentioned Color Me Mine to my boys, I was surprised they wanted to go…
As I went to get ready, my oldest gave me yet another lecture about how I take forever getting ready, and that we are not going to a fancy party, hence no need for mascara!

By the way, this is a daily occurrence in my household:

1. Me trying to get ready to go out.
2. All three of my boys complaining about how they always have to wait an hour for me to be done.
3. Them starting the car because in their little minds they think it will make me go faster, in which case it just makes me mad.
4. And in turn, I start yelling.

But, back to ceramic painting…  I had this vision of the three of us painting beautiful mugs for my husband, or plates and bowls with flowers and hearts on them!  My vision was wrong.  My 5-year-old picked out the biggest ceramic dog he could find, while my 11-year-old picked out the scariest item they had: a skull with a crow on it!  Reminded me of Edgar A. Poe…  Not exactly the vision I had, but I was going with it.
Nik ended up painting his dog with a variation of green, orange and brown.  It took all my strength not to correct his brushing technique, and his choice of colors for a DOG, but I controlled my impulses.  I absolutely love having boys, they are a lot of fun, they love their Mother, and most importantly don’t give a damn what they are wearing each day!  However, I do wish painting and coloring was at least one of the things they liked to do.

Tyler’s skull and crow turned out black and red, of course, but I was happy they were at least painting with me and having a good time.  I was pleasantly surprised that my oldest was taking his sweet time going over every little crevice and detail, making sure it was just right!  They even talked me into painting my husband’s mug “the perfect boy” colors, as they put it, instead of what I pictured: pink roses, red tulips and of course hearts, hearts and more hearts!

The high school girls working there took turns complementing my boys on their choice of colors, which immediately made Tyler blush.  But obviously did nothing for the 5-year-old since he kept repeating how he wanted to get out of there, so he can go back to playing with his soldiers…

Two great hours spent in quality, peace and quiet!  Only 300 more hours to go before school starts…


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