What is it with people wishing me a Merry Christmas???

Everywhere you go during this time of year, you are bound to get a “Merry Christmas!”, and that’s perfectly fine with me.  If its a stranger, in return I just do my usual:  “Yea, Yea Happy Hanukkah to you too!”  After which, they give me that sad face, as if to say: “Oh, I’m sorry!”  And then they go on to console me: “But at least you are done with all the shopping, right?”  What the hell does that mean?  Its almost like some consolation prize.  Oh, you are Jewish, so sorry to hear that you don’t celebrate the Greatest Holiday ever!  Well, Happy Hanukkah anyway!

They act like I’m missing out big time, or worse like I am dying.

I understand it if you don’t know me, and don’t know that I am a Big Jew.  But if you know me… why do you still insist on wishing me a Merry Christmas?  It’s as though they think that all year long we are Jewish, then all of a sudden Christmas rolls around, and by some miracle we (the Jews) drop our Jewishness, and become Christians for that one special day called Christmas!?!?  I don’t get it, is that the thinking behind it?  Please, do enlighten me…


2 thoughts on “What is it with people wishing me a Merry Christmas???

  1. Only 3 months late in replying, but hey, I just found this post now. Anyway, I wanted to let you know we have no idea how we come across when we say stupid things like the Christmas comment you mentioned. The good news is that there is a growing # of us starting to realize the whole Christmas story is a lot more Jewish than Sunday School taught us. Imagine that! AND – I wonder if you knew about this? – with a lot of Christians turning to and focusing on what they call our Hebraic roots, many of the same actually condemn and preach against Christmas and Easter…and celebrate Hanukkah instead. As for me, I’m not a radical like some, just an interested watcher. But I’m happy to tell you I get to be part of a Passover Seder next month too!

    • Very interesting Shari! Thanks for the comment and interesting information. I make fun of everything including myself, but your incite into this whole Christian way of seeing things is very interesting. Thanks! Keep reading and share 🙂

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