No Bieber Fever Here!

Well, as much as i fought to never speak or write about this Bieber kid, here it comes:

I can’t stand the kid!  What’s the hype all about?  Seriously, the kid is not cute, his voice is sub-par at most, and if everyone hasn’t noticed he’s got a Tick.  Have you looked at him during the American Music Awards?  He can’t go longer than 5 seconds without shaking his hair, what is that about?  I really think his parents should concentrate on his mental, and physical well-being, and maybe take him to a Neurologist instead of the AMA’s.

If that was my kid, i’d have him tested for Tourette’s syndrome already…  But, us Yiddishe Mothers do tend to over-react a bit…

I really haven’t paid much attention to the kid, until my kindergartner announced that he LIKES Justin Bieber!  Since he doesn’t have much of an opinion of his own, and tends to just repeat whatever other kids are saying, i let it slide.  But during the AMA’s he kept insisting that he wants to see Bieber perform.  So, we let him watch it.  As my 5th grader covered his ears, and ran out of the room during the song, i tried hard not to judge and just listen to the song.

Its especially hard NOT to judge when the singer sucks, really badly.  Who wants to hear a late bloomer all pitchy, and squeely trying to sing?  The poor kid is going through puberty, his voice kept changing during the whole performance, he couldn’t find a note to save his life.  I don’t know who found him, and made him famous but I’d really like to meet that person!

I stand by my original opinion, Bieber sucks.



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