Long time, learn English.

While reading a bedtime story to my youngest, i kept pronouncing the words wrong.  I am not sure if I was just tired or reading fast, but that happens to me once in a while.

It usually happens when i am mad, and in a hurry, OR when i am mad, in a hurry and the darn kids won’t stop talking to me while i am trying to get something done.

But this time, i was relaxed and enjoying reading to him.  Apparently, my 11-year-old was listening and after a while of me mispronouncing the words in the book, yelled out: “Mom, its not Plunkton (as in uh), its Plenkton (as in eh)!”  So, i yelled back: “When you come to a different country, and have to speak a different language, then you can talk, Child!”

“Yea Mom, but that was a very long time ago!  You’ve had plenty of time to learn it, and speak it right…”

What can i say?  The kid is right.



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