Recall, recall, and recall

I got a letter from my car’s manufacturer, saying that my car is part of a Recall due to a faulty brake part.  I was told to call the nearest dealership immediately and bring it in to get the part replaced.

They listed all possible malfunctions that could result from Not getting the new part:

-At first, the brakes would start making noise

-Then the noise will get worse and worse with time

-Brake fluid will start leaking out, making the brakes weaker and weaker

-And finally, the brakes will completely fail when you try to stop the car.

So, as any sane person would, I got on the phone and started calling dealerships.  Their service departments informed me that they haven’t received the needed parts yet, and don’t know when they will.  Apparently, they made only a small amount of the new part, and they haven’t been distributed yet…

Now, i am no genius but before starting a countrywide panic attack wouldn’t you, first want to make sure you have the necessary part?  What the hell is the point of sending out letters to thousands of affected car owners, telling them that they might possibly get into accidents, get hurt or even die because their brakes won’t work, and at the same time NOT have any way of preventing all of this from happening???

In the meantime, we will all just drive very, very carefully…



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