People like myself should Not be on facebook!  When you go to Facebook site to sign up, there should be a giant disclaimer that says: “For tough skin people only!  People that are overly sensitive, and wear their heart and feelings on their sleeves, should NOT sign up!”

Let me explain.  Sometimes when i log into my facebook account, I notice one of my so-called “friends” had a party, with photos plastered all over their ‘wall’.  “Why wasn’t I invited?”, runs through my head.  Now, i am not saying that i have to be included in everything, and all your events.  However, if you know me, you would know that i HAVE to be included in everything and ALL your events!  If i don’t get an invitation, i seriously have a physical reaction and according to my husband, it ain’t pretty.

Most likely, i won’t even show up to your party or want to go, but I want that invitation.  I have to know that i am always wanted and needed for everything: organizing protests, organizing a party, planning any and all kinds of events, whether its a birthday celebration, a stake-out or a protest advocating something…

I need to be involved in everything and anything.  The majority of people in my life will say that I have pins in my ass, that I can never sit still even if my life depended on it.  That’s my problem.  I always have to be doing something.  Facebook is definitely Not for people like me.  It is for people that generally don’t care whether they get invited to a protest or a birthday party, they are only interested in accumulating “friends”.  The more, the better.  They don’t care that they will never speak to them in person, or over the phone, they don’t care about their “friends” lives.  Its all about bragging, bragging and some more bragging.

See when i heard about facebook, i was so excited.  To me, it meant that i get to reconnect with old pals from Russia, and relatives that are all over the world.  Facebook may have started out that way, but it sure isn’t that way anymore.

It literally is all about: look at me, listen to me, look at my adorable baby at 1 month, 1 month and 2 days, 1 month and 3 days…

Seriously, i had someone on my facebook page that did exactly that!  She would write down, every single day how old her kid was.  It got so annoying that I had to delete her.  By now, most people know that if you piss me off, i will just delete you.  I can totally hear you saying right now, “What he hell is the point of having a Facebook account if all you do is complain about it?”.  My point exactly…



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