Trick or Trick

Is it terrible that I’m always tricking my kids into eating or doing something that they don’t want to do?  For example, for the first 8 years of my son’s life, he absolutely LOVED eating fish.  Not just fish, seafood of any kind, he even had calamari a few times.  How that could be, you ask?  Well, let’s just say he didn’t KNOW he was eating seafood…

-Salmon, we told him was “Pink Chicken”.

-Shrimp became “Curled up chicken that was cooked in a different way”.

-Calamari was “Fried Chicken that at the end was sliced up in tiny long pieces and put on top of one large round piece of chicken”.

-And California Roll sushi became “sushi with pieces of that same pink chicken in it and slices of cucumber”.

Maybe my kids are just really, really gullible or naive, but it worked.  I swear it worked for the first 8 years of my oldest life!  You know what happened after?  He started to listen to his friends, doing some research on his own, even the internet happened for him.  And all of a sudden, my wonderful eater became my inquisitive eater!

He started questioning and rejecting everything I served to him.  “Mom”, he said one day.  “You know how there are vegetarians in this world, they just can’t bring themselves to eat meat?  Well, I am a Meat-arian!  I can’t make myself eat poor, defenseless fish!  Its disgusting, some seafood still have a face on!”

I would have been fine with that, since I could’ve started being even more creative, but he started brainwashing his little brother!  So, now they both dissect the food I make, and make arguments against it.  That’s alright though, I can get very persuasive and clever with cooking.  Just need to start hiding the food WITHIN the food!

Let’s see how that goes…


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