My Anti-Bullying Proposition

With all of the recent events going on at schools concerning bullying, and the tragic results that followed, i came up with a solution.  Make parents responsible for their children.  If a child is caught bullying another, there shouldn’t be a warning, there shouldn’t be any talk about it.  The school should automatically issue a fine to the parents responsible for that bully.  For the first offense, it would be a fee of $75, second would double to $150, and so on and so on…  It would require the parents to pay within seven days of getting the fine or the child would be placed on suspension from school.  If it happens again, and the parents are late paying the fine, the child would automatically be expelled from school.

I really doubt that any parent would want to keep paying these fines.  That way, we are making the parents responsible instead of just “talking” to them about their bully-kid, we would actually make them pay for it.  It is only the parents fault that their child keeps bullying others, and therefore they should be kept accountable for it.

Just like when you commit a crime, there are consequences.  Bullying should be considered a crime, and come with a punishment.  Tell me what you think!  Should we make this into a Law?



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