Deadly looks

I don’t know if its me, but it seems that kids these days are a whole different breed.  When I was a kid, all my father had to do was look at me, and i was scared.  He didn’t yell, he didn’t move, he didn’t have to do anything but give my brother and i a “Look”.  You know that look that says: I will kill you if you continue to do whatever it is you are doing!  And we believed he would go through with it.

Now days, i watch these frazzled mothers threaten their kids with toys being taken away, and ‘time-outs’.  The problem is, I never see them actually going through with it!  I watched a mother in a grocery store the other day.  Her kids were climbing the walls, pulling things off the shelves, and all i kept hearing was: “I swear, if you do that again, i will take you outside and put you in time out!”  She must have repeated it four times while i was in the same isle!  And then she started counting: one, two, three…

Does that work? What’s going to happen when she gets to three?  Apparently, nothing since this went on for a while.

I am not saying that I am a great parent or a great disciplinarian.  No, not at all.  Instead of the “Look” that my father gave me, i actually say it out loud: I am going to kill you if you don’t stop!  Usually that works…  Unless I am in a public place, then i get dirty looks and some old women shaking their heads at me.  But, what do they know?  They didn’t have to deal with all the crap that we deal with these days!  Back in the day there was no internet, no cell phones and video games to spoil our kids.  Its a different world we live in now, as much as i hate that phrase, its true…

Its hard to instill discipline in your kids when they see their friends getting away with everything.  I know most parents just don’t have the patience to deal with their kids, and i totally understand, but its gone completely overboard.  They have no respect for their elders, no common sense about what you can and can’t do in public.  Remember how you used to have to give up your seat, when a woman or elderly person came on the bus?  Forget it.  Now, kids won’t even move a muscle.  I am constantly making my boys get up and offer a seat to someone older than them, but they just don’t understand why I make them do it!

I just tell them its the right thing to do, so get up off your ass.

I hate to admit this, but i completely understand what that mother from East coast did when she kicked her kids out of the car!  They were fighting, wouldn’t listen to her, wouldn’t shut up, so what choice did she have?  Good for her, i bet her kids have never disobeyed her again!  Especially not in her car!

We baby our kids too much these days!  We smother them with everything,  i know I do it…  Its not good for them, we need to let them do things on their own, how else are they going to learn how to take care of themselves.

The other day, i asked my kids what they would do without me, if something happened to me.  You know what my youngest one said?  Take a guess!  “That’s ok, Mom.  We’ll just get another Mommy.  How hard could it be?”

Next morning he found himself vacuuming the whole house…


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