Hypochondriacs are we………….

The terrible thing about being Jewish is that constant feeling that there is something wrong with you.  Seriously, worry is our “thing”!  That’s just what we do, what has been instilled in us from the beginning of time, STRESS.  Its like a right of passage for us.  You want to be born a Jew, ok here is a boulder to carry on your shoulders, At All Times.  From now on, you worry about everything!

And you have to be a hypochondriac if you are Jewish, that’s a must also.  Its part of Judaism.  I wake up every morning wondering if I have some horrible, incurable disease, preferably something from the 15th Century!  And not only do we love to complain about what hurts, we also try to out-do each other.  Oh, you got a goiter?  Well, that’s nothing.  Look at this hemorrhoid the size of a tennis ball?  Bet you’ve never had that before! Ha!

We wondered the Desert for 4o years, can you imagine what THAT was like?

– Its hot

-Its cold

– I’m thirsty

– I’m hungry

– I’m tired

– I want to go home

– I need to pee

– Where are the bathrooms?

– Where is the 5 star hotel i was promised?

– What do you mean i have to eat this flat, big cracker with no taste to it, instead of challah?

– My head hurts

– My ass hurts

– Where the hell is the Ritz?


5 thoughts on “Hypochondriacs are we………….

  1. why did you mention “goiter” in your post? just for fun? or you are having thyroid condition to worry about/
    regards Thyroid Geek

  2. Let me guess: minor issues are probably mean “detectable TPO antibodies” or “slightly heterogeneous echotexture”:)
    Всего доброго!

  3. Спасибо! The Webpage
    http://www.stanwardine.com/russiantyper.htm will let you type using Cyrillic alphabet, then you can cut the text and paste it into desired location to save. Saving the Webpage to your document folder will allow you to type in it without Internet connection. It works with MS Word 2003 and newer even with Windows ME. High levels of TPO antibodies are present during thyroid inflammation while thyroid nodules are appear on ultrasound image as “heterogeneous echotexture”.
    Not so long ago I worked on the thyroid ultrasound machine engineering project and learned many terms about the subject. I came to the US back in 1991 and living in Long Beach.

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