Grandma and Medicinal Urine…

One of my earliest memories is of my family vacationing on the Black Sea in Ukraine, and my Mom making hot soup in the kitchen.  Have no clue why in the middle of a blistering heat you would make soup, but that’s not the point.

As my Mom was bringing out the huge pot of soup, my little brother was running around between her legs, of course, which incidentally made her trip and spill the boiling hot soup all over his bare back!

Then, I witnessed my Grandma running around with a metal pot, asking all the neighborhood kids to sit and pee in it.  That’s a site I will never forget.  She was a tough Ukrainian Jew that survived the war, so no kid wanted to ask questions.  They just sat on it, and peed like she asked.

After she got enough urine, her and my Mom proceeded to put it all over my brother’s back with rags.  Nobody bothered to take him to the hospital, they just kept putting it urine over him.

My brother recovered and healed completely, not even a scar on his back.  Moral of the story, who needs hospitals and medical personnel when you got Urine…


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